Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t any GTA, however GTA 2 was a cyberpunk recreation

Cyberpunk 2077 is no GTA, but GTA 2 was a cyberpunk game

Society is in fast decay. With the crime charge hovering and biochemical dependency in wholesome proliferation, you’re about to have the time of your life. The town is on the sting of collapse, with legislation and order starting to interrupt down utterly. Individuals are working wild, half-addled on meals components and semi-legal pharmaceutical tablets. A large company controls each facet of society, from leisure to organ transplants. All the pieces is polluted, soiled, disagreeable. Life has by no means been cheaper.

It’s a premise that belongs in a sourcebook for Cyberpunk 2020. As a substitute, improbably, it’s the best way Rockstar selected to introduce GTA 2. Simply two years earlier than the collection unfolded in three dimensions, increasing its viewers in variety, the mainline Grand Theft Auto was a rock ‘n’ roll sci-fi dystopia.

GTA 2 belongs to an experimental interval within the late ‘90s, when Rockstar believed the collection might be mainly something. Earlier the identical yr, the writer had launched GTA: London 1969, a reggae-soundtracked tribute to The Italian Job. Relatively than a recognisably actual American metropolis like LA or New York, GTA 2’s backdrop is ‘Anyplace, USA’—a post-industrial deathtrap the place corps sells their medication with slick adverts on the radio, whereas overtly partaking in factional warfare on the streets. Until you alter the setting within the launcher, the place exists in a state of perpetual nightfall. Discuss Evening Metropolis.

(Picture credit score: Rockstar)

The resemblance to Cyberpunk is simple, and alluring at a time when gamers are nonetheless craving the chaotic open world CD Projekt Pink promised. Though the developer more-or-less delivered on a satisfying RPG story informed by fascinating characters, launch week was outlined by pictures of cops clumsily spawning immediately behind gamers like pantomime actors, or midway up the facet of steep buildings like mountain goats. Worst of all, they proved incapable of automobile chases, the bread and butter of city motion.

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